Western Springs

Friendly and affluent community with character just outside Chicago.

Welcome to Western Springs

Friendly and affluent community with character just outside Chicago.
Tucked away on the western edge of Chicago, you’ll find one of the best communities in all of Illinois. Known for their sense of unity and character, the residents of Western Springs take pride in their thriving community that allows them to live in this peaceful, small-town paradise just a short drive away from all the conveniences and excitement of Chicago. 
Originally home to the nomadic Potawatomi Indians, the land that would become Western Springs was eventually settled by a man named Elijah Wentworth. However, it wasn’t until 1863, when the CB&Q railroad built a line through the area, that the town of Western Springs really began to thrive. As time went on, the town expanded, and its final annexation occurred in 2005, creating the community known today. 
The beauty and idyllic small-town feel of Western Springs has made it one of the most popular places to live in the state, with homes in styles ranging from Tudor architecture to mid-century modern designs.

What to Love

  • Active and energetic lifestyle just minutes from Chicago
  • Consistently ranked as one of the top ten towns in the state
  • Strong sense of community character
  • Numerous recreational and entertainment opportunities

People & Lifestyle

Western Springs has attracted one of the most affluent populations in the general area, and many residents earn well over $150,000 annually. As a result, the town itself is full of luxurious amenities such as private pools, world-class eateries, and high-end shopping. 
The community as a whole is extremely friendly and welcoming, making sure that each and every one of its residents feel at home from the first moment they arrive by including everyone in community activities, fairs, and events. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

The community’s prestige and affluence have made Western springs a culinary hot spot. Kirschbaum’s Bakery, voted Illinois’ winner for the Sweetest Bakery in America, provides Western Springs residents with some of the most delectable treats imaginable, including an assortment of pies, cookies, donuts, cakes, and more. 
Oberweis Ice Cream Dairy Store has been serving customers some of the best-tasting traditional ice cream and dairy products for generations, while Casey’s Gourmet Market provides Western Springs residents with access to some of the highest quality meat and fish around.

Things to Do

The sense of community is strong throughout Western Springs, so having community amenities that the entire town is able to enjoy is a given. The Western Springs Service Club is a membership-only facility available to Western Springs residents that offers a variety of aquatic activities in their private pool, such as swim lessons, water polo, and adult fitness.  
Residents also come together at the Western Springs Recreational Center and Park District. Western Springs has numerous parks for the community to take advantage of, and many feature children's playgrounds and walking trails. 
The town also offers gym and classroom spaces for residents to rent at the Grand Avenue Community Center. Most residents take advantage of this particular amenity, which allows them to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle all year long.


Western Springs residents take great care to ensure that each and every child in their community has access to the highest quality education possible. There are a number of top-ranked schools in the area, including: