La Grange

Welcome to La Grange

Award-winning suburban paradise just a short drive from Chicago.
Take a 15-minute drive west out of Chicago and you’ll find yourself in the small, vibrant town of La Grange. Full of friendly residents, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and an abundance of parks, this community has been named one of the best places to live in Illinois. 
While the area was originally settled in the early 1830s, it wasn’t until people who lost their homes in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 started moving here that La Grange really began to thrive. The community’s proximity to Chicago has continued to be an advantage, bringing in a diverse population and helping to create one of the most welcoming towns around. 
La Grange’s interesting history means it also has some stunningly designed homes. Architectural styles include classic Victorian, Federal, and even mid-century modern.

What to Love

  • Welcoming, kindhearted residents who take pride in their community  
  • Small-town atmosphere only 13 miles from Central Chicago
  • Voted one of the best places to live in Illinois
  • Numerous shopping and dining options in town

People & Lifestyle

Considering La Grange’s short commute to Chicago, it makes sense that a large portion of the community is made up of younger professionals looking for a place to raise their families. The community is exceptionally dedicated to looking out for one another, ensuring a safe and peaceful atmosphere all year round. 
The town’s history plays an incredibly important role in the community, and many residents take great pride in where they’ve come from and what they’ve built through the years. As a result, there are many historical sites and estates available for residents to visit and to attend larger community events throughout the year.   

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The culinary scene in La Grange is as upbeat and exciting as the rest of the town. Palmer Place Restaurant and Biergarten has been a local staple since 1983, serving guests favorites like stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, signature burgers, and beer-soaked bratwurst that will blow you away. 
When residents are looking for an elegant, fine-dining experience, they can depend on Fourteensixteen to exceed expectations. Some of their incredible dishes include tagliatelle with Maine lobster, short rib with a bordelaise, and a delectable prime ribeye. On the other end of the dining spectrum is Barrel House Social. This restaurant is the definition of upscale comfortable dining. With 11 HDTVs throughout the restaurant, this is the perfect place for a casual happy hour or a night out with the family.    

Things to Do

The town of La Grange considers community-building activities and events to be an absolute must for a sense of unity and togetherness. As a result, there are a number of different amenities, recreational areas, and activities throughout the year for residents to take advantage of.
The La Grange Business Association holds a weekly farmers market from the beginning of May until the end of October. Not only does this give local farmers and producers the opportunity to sell their products directly to the consumer, but it gives residents a chance to buy incredible produce and goods and spend a wonderful day out with family. 
The La Grange Park Woods is a beautiful preserve where visitors can see the local landscape as it originally was. With miles of trails to wander through, you can spend the whole day exploring these local forests.


Because there are many young families in the area, the community ensures that every child receives a top-notch education from kindergarten through the end of high school. Some schools worth noting include: