Clarendon Hills

Charming and inviting community with small-town ideals.

Welcome to Clarendon Hills

Charming and inviting community with small-town ideals.
18 miles outside of Chicago lies a quiet suburban community that has been consistently ranked as the number one place to live in the state of Illinois: Clarendon Hills. The residents of this charming village enjoy picturesque small-town character within a short drive of many city conveniences. This affluent yet inviting community remains dedicated to creating a progressive, inclusive, and united town with extremely low crime rates, top-rated schools, and a township they can be proud of. 
John J. Monell purchased 320 acres of land in 1834 and an additional 320 in 1839, creating what would eventually become the village of Clarendon Hills. The area’s history of volunteer-only village services and community participation continues to ring true even to this day. Many residents commit their time and money in order to make Clarendon Hills the beautiful and unique place it is.  

What to Love

  • A charming community dedicated to both preservation and progress
  • Recognized as the No. 1 place to live in all Illinois
  • No. 7 on the EPA 2020 list of Green Power Partner Communities
  • Luxurious amenities and attractions, including world-class dining and entertainment

People & Lifestyle

Clarendon Hills is an exceptionally wealthy area, with the median household income coming in at well over $100,000. As a result, the neighborhoods within Clarendon Hills are full of beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes built in various architectural styles. 
The community is clearly dedicated to ensuring that the prosperous lifestyle it has grown to love continues well into the future, investing in multiple projects and plans that will ensure local businesses and residents alike are able to thrive. Because of this, there are many places for residents to explore in town including a number of restaurants, coffee houses, and parks all within easy walking distance of the village center. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Clarendon Hills is known as a culinary hot-spot, with a wide variety of restaurants and eateries for residents to enjoy. The Village Gourmet is definitely at the top of many locals’ lists serving mouthwatering delights such as a slice of their house-made quiche of the day, homemade muffins, and delicious soups. The Little Creperie is another favorite local spot, giving guests a little taste of paradise with their world-class crepes. Don’t forget to ask about their one-of-a-kind crepe cakes while you’re there.
The Standard Market is a great place to pick up high-end produce and even dinner to go. If you’re looking for some flowers to brighten up your home, make sure you stop by The English Garden, which can make beautiful bouquets for yourself or any type of event.    

Things to Do

As a town, Clarendon Hills strives to ensure its thriving community has something to enjoy all year round. The Clarendon Hills Historical Society continues to throw the longest-running local Festival, Daisy Days, each year just as it has since 1964. This merchant-driven sidewalk sale has everything you could imagine, from streets filled with vendors to carnival rides, face-painting, and more. 
One of the newest additions to the town is the exciting train line, which easily shuttles residents to and from the heart of Chicago. However, if you’re looking for something to do a little bit closer to home, you can always visit the Thomas Ford Memorial Library, which has a little something for everyone. 
The residents of Clarendon Hills are also dedicated to preserving the beautiful nature around them, and the countless parks — including Prospect Park and Hosek Park — ensure everyone is able to enjoy it.


Clarendon Hills residents’ dedication to their community is demonstrated by the highly rated schools in the area. A few of the schools worth mentioning include: